Key Information

Family Check in opens from 9.00am

Kids Classes

All Classroom open from 9.45am for drop off.

Family Welcome and Check-In Procedures

A parents room is available for feeding and changing purposes

We would love you to arrive a few minutes earlier to the fill out any paperwork (available online when pre registering) & to meet our kids teams at the New Family Check in desk in the Foyer.

On Sundays drop off into our kids programs begins 15 minutes prior to the start of the service. Our hosts will gladly direct you to our check-in points if you require assistance.


Sunday Class Options

Teens (Grade 6-8)

Runs fortnightly during school terms –  Each month the teen are encouraged to serve once, sit in church once and attend teens twice. The aim is help disciple them through the sometimes challenging stage of moving from kids ministry to a teenager.

Kids (Grade 1-5)

Every Sunday, your kids from Grade 1 through to Grade 5 have the opportunity to engage in age appropriate, safe & fun classroom environments.

The primary school kids will be taught biblical truths & practical lessons through a series of topics throughout the year. The content is delivered in whole group & small group, play & structured opportunities that give them the benefit of consistent group leaders & interaction with kids their age. Together, they learn about the bible, prayer & how to grow in their relationship with God, memorize scripture, & have fun developing friendships with each other.

The primary school kids also attend the corporate worship under the the supervision of our Next Generation Kids team & are released to their own program after 2 songs. We believe it’s important that the children engage with what is going on in the community as faith is taught & caught.

On a Sunday signing into our kids programs begins 15 minutes prior to the start of the service. If your child requires a nap change or toileting we will inform you using our message prompt that will appear on the main screen auditorium or text message.

Juniors (Pre Kindy – Pre-Primary)

 As young children start to develop they engage more with their church experience, so we help them interact and build their faith through stories, crafts, songs & play based learning experiences throughout the room that give them biblical truths. They also start to form relationships with other kids & their carers.

On a Sunday signing into our kids programs begins 15 minutes prior to the start of the service. If you child requires a nappy change or toileting we will inform you using our communication system that will appear on the main screen auditorium or text message.

Babes (1 or Walking - 3 years old)

Starting with babies, we care about the experience your kids have in church.

Your child will experience personal care from our awesome babes team. We keep our Babes rooms ready for your little ones with age-appropriate toys that are cleaned after each program. We also know babies have specific needs & schedules, so when you bring your child to the classroom, we have an easy-to-use form that you can fill out to let our team know any specific needs for your child that day. We also take time to love & pray for your child each week.

Tanya Howlett


Tanya Howlett

Bringing over seven years of experience of working with kids Tanya has worked in day care, after school care programs and has been a vibrant member of our Next Generation Ministry team. She has a Diploma in Child Care and has a passion to plant seeds in children’s hearts and to walk the journey of growth with them.


Our Oasis Next Generation Kids is made up of four parts:

Praise Party

These are a few songs that’ll encourage your kids to celebrate God. Dance & sing with them. Be silly & have fun as a family enjoying God. Explain to your kids that when they lift their hands or sing out aloud they are reminding themselves, showing others & God that He’s number one in their life & they are thankful for Him.

Bible Time

This is the part where we get to explain the goodness of God to our kids. Watch the age appropriate video & join the memory verse challenge. There are some crazy stories, funny moments, practical truths & a whole lot more that’ll help and encourage your kids.  

Lets Talk

Use the provided questions to spark conversation, pray & help your kids apply what they heard in their own life. You can also record the memory verse challenge during the week & share it on our oasis kids Instagram page.


Kids learn by doing, and for them, it’s generally through play. Use the activity prompts to engage in the game, craft or activity.