Alta 1

In 2022, Oasis took a big step & decided to partner with Alta 1 to see the lives of youth in our community work through social & emotional issues while they are receiving an education.

Alta 1 Connect Ed South Metro Campus runs from Oasis Church 4 days a week & caters for students who are marginalised by mainstream education & who have a diagnosed reason that makes class attendance challenging. Alta 1 offers alternative education designed to engage community resources & groups to train, support & equip students by addressing their socio-emotional & spiritual needs in a supportive community setting – which is us! Oasis Church comes alongside Alta 1 to support, bless & pray for staff & students through a variety of different ways. To get involved with the Alta 1 program through Oasis Church, click on the link! We need mentors for the students, people willing to buy gifts at Christmas time, morning teas for staff & devotions in classrooms throughout the day. To find out more about Alta 1

Haven Family Centre

In 2023, we are launching Haven Family Centre. Haven provides opportunities for holistic care to empower families in our community.

Mission statement: Haven’s mission is to prevent harm to the family unit through strategies of empowerment in; prevention & intervention.

Based on Psalm 23, Haven will pastor a community allowing them time to lay down in green pastures & be lead beside still waters where souls are restored & comforted. Our desire is to see our community in the towns of Cockburn, Armadale & Kwinana functioning & healthy in their family relationships & be equipped with the tools to bring their family back to a healthy place after setbacks.

We offer the services listed below at discounted prices.





Love like jesus

In Luke chapter 10, the story of the good Samaritan showed extravagant kindness to a hurt man who was different to him on the side of the road by tending to his wounds and paying for his bills. This love story was how Jesus taught us to love our neighbours. Someone different to us, someone unknown to us and someone who is bereft of the love of God.


This Easter, we are giving you an opportunity to love the people in your world like the Good Samaritan! This is the chance to start a relationship between you and your neighbors, your co-workers, extended family, school mum friends, your barista – you get the drill! What skills do you have that you bless these people with? Baking, gardening, car washes, gifts, quality time, bring your neighbors bins in, street, BBQ, street alpha, giving Easter eggs, give your neighbors your phone number, foot path chalk drawings for local kids… you



Love like Jesus week starts Monday 25th March and finishes Friday 29th March. Oasis, I charge you with this task – to love boldly and extravagantly before Easter this year.


Oasis Church has a strong relationship with Compassion. Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty.

Poverty robs children of their basic right to learn, play & grow. In its ugliest form, poverty can lead to exploitation, child labour & even death. This is why Oasis has partnered with Compassion through their Child Sponsorship Program. Oasis has also partnered with other local churches in the area to target the Khmer people who are located along the border of Myanmar and Thailand. Each year, we have Compassion Sunday where we sponsor children from the region, & every year we take a team to visit, encourage & pray for the Khmer people. Jesus is more powerful than poverty & we can make a difference in communities in the world when we use our money to support a child’s right to food, education & faith!  To find out more about Compassion 

Fitzroy Crossing AOG & Kimberly Harvest Centre in Derby

Oasis partners with Ps Warren & Sheena Luscombe who pastor both Australian Christian Churches (ACC) Fitzroy Crossing AOG and Kimberly Harvest Centre in Derby. Ps Warren and Sheena are missionaries who have pastored in Fitzroy Crossing for 17 years. They also minister in remote Aboriginal communities throughout the week. We provide financial support for outreach to Aboriginal communities and churches and we also takes teams to the Kimberly to support and minister to the people.

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