1. Authentic. We’d rather someone always be real than always looking right; we are all on a journey toward wholeness. 

2. Fun. We add laughter, healthy humour and good food to the serious business of helping people find life in Jesus.

3. Relationships. We prioritise relationship with God and then family; and we celebrate, enjoy and care for people. 

4. Community. Our church community grows through small groups, and we take responsibility to reach the community outside the church through real, down to earth service. 

5. Practical Christianity. We use our skills, gifts, abilities and passions to put our faith into action every day. 

6. Next steps. Everyone has a God-given calling and purpose, so there are always next steps to take which empower us and bless others around us.

 7. Generational. We believe people of all ages have meaning and purpose, and we are richer when we all work together and learn from each other.