The average life expectancy for an Australian is 82 years. When you put it that way it sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But what’s our most common response when we regret not getting something done? “I wish I had more time!” More time to watch a sunset, or learn another language, or practice the banjo (well maybe not the banjo!)

In our modern world we are presented with a plethora (yes, a plethora) of choices. I get confused when I’m in the supermarket deciding what kind of toothpaste to get, there must be about 20 different types! Should I get the one with tartar control, or the one that makes my teeth whiter, or the one with three stripes??? Somebody save me from this dental dilemma!!

I’m not saying that this stuff is bad, I mean it’s a product of our affluent world, but maybe we’ll want to look back on our lives and be content that we left the world a better place because of our choices, choices that really mattered.

Being an active participant in a church community gives you awesome opportunities to input into the lives of others, and at the same time developing relationships that build into you too. I promise you, you’ll walk away richer for the experience, ‘with more life in your life’. The saying of Jesus “it’s better to give than to receive” was as true then as it is today.

Ok, so what are you going to do with your 82 years? Well that’s up to you!


By Ewen Blaikie