Did you know you are a three-part being; spirit, soul and body? In Australia statistics indicate that around 80% of people prioritise the health of their body, while only around 11% prioritise the health of their spirit. If we wanted more life in our life, we would have to nurture each of those three areas equally. It would be like having a car, and tuning the engine but not filling it with fuel!

When we; keep in touch with the Creator of our body, soul and spirit, belong to a life-giving community and refresh ourselves with His word, our spirits come alive! Otherwise, they lay dormant, waiting to be awakened by God. Make it a priority today to take some time to discover and nuture your spirit. You can start right now – a simple, uncomplicated chat to God is a brilliant start. If you want to know more, connect with Oasis Church who will help you on your journey to #findLife


By Christie Blaikie