Have you ever said to yourself, ‘there’s got to be more than this?’ If you did, you’re not alone! When I was 19, I asked that question a lot. “Am I just going to study and then work and then maybe get married and have children and will that be it!?” Fortunately, it was not it. I had a supernatural encounter when I was 19, and it shook my world. I found something – life. And more life. Actually, life in abundance. It all started with a person – a real life person named Jesus. Don’t stop reading here!

Maybe you don’t get the church thing. Maybe you think it’s all irrelevant and hypocritical and old fashioned. Maybe you think God is far off, judgmental and unfair. But if there was a possibility that you could find more life in your life, would you risk giving it a try? We started Oasis Church for people like YOU. A life-giving church. A fun, passionate, engaging, helpful place where anyone who has done anything can come, gently discover, and anonymously if needed, take some time to find out WHY you are here on earth and get filled with real, abundant, satisfying life.


By Christie Blaikie