Projects to join for Server Week

8 Days till Serve Week starts!!!!

Women in Leadership and Sisterhood small groups are putting on Morning Tea Monday 4th for Harmony Primary School.

Freedom, Families and Mum’s Group small group’s are going to seriously bless a Nursing home with Morning Tea and kiddy cuteness.

Red group are planning something special with Success Primary school. More details to come.

Young Adults and Prayer small groups are planning something amazing to love on a family in the Cockburn area. This will be a practical and hands on with more details to come!

What a super week this is going to be putting love into action.

What an opportunity!!!! Don’t miss being a part of Serve Week and making a difference in our community.

To join a project fill in your detail here and we will be in touch

 Young Adults and Prayer Freedom, Families and Mum's Woman in Leadership and Sisterhood RED Group