Designate a time and place to sit together and watch the curriculum
Gather with some snacks and a drink and enjoy God together!

1. Praise Party

Worship to the music with your mouth and body.  Think about something you are thankful for this week or tell Jesus how much you love Him and are thankful for Him in your life.  Think about that during worship and speak it out to God. Have fun and enjoy Jesus together!

3. Lets Talk

Say the Point and Verse out loud together.

Lots of things are fun, but God is number one!

Memory Verse: Luke 4:8 NIV … “Worship the Lord your God and serve him only”

  1. Who were we made to worship and serve? The Lord our God


  1. Who were we made to worship and serve? The Lord our God
  2. When is something an idol? When it crowds your time too much so God doesn’t fit, when it keeps you from doing what you should, you love it too much.
  3. What do you spend most of your time on?
  4. What things are you good at?
  5. What do you always want to spend money on>
  6. Think about your answers to questions 2,3,4. How can you tell if those things are idols or not? If they distract you from God and what you should be doing, they’re idols. If they help you think about God and you use them to worship God, they aren’t idols


  1. What can you do this week to show God is first? Do something with God before you do anything else: pray, read the Bible, listen to music about God, draw for Him, write to Him, worship Him.
  2. What might distract you from spending time with God, first?

4. Pray

Ask the children to share things they’d like to pray about. Write your prayer request so you can continue to pray for your family during the week. Pray together, give them a chance to lead the prayer if they want to. Not sure what to pray?

Pray this: God, You’re the best, You’re more important than anything else. Please help us put You first and worship You only. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 


5. Activity

Get each child a large piece of paper and some textas, get the to write GOD in the centre, this should take up as much space as possible. All around the piece of people get them to write or draw things that they enjoy around the word God.

God gave us so many good things, and that is great! But when they’re more important to us than God, they’re like distracting idols. Keep God first! Worship Him only! 


  1. How do you think you can keep from crowding God out of your life?
  2. What things distract you? 



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