Designate a time and place to sit together and watch the curriculum
Gather with some snacks and a drink and enjoy God together!

1. Praise Party

Worship to the music with your mouth and body.  Think about something you are thankful for this week or tell Jesus how much you love Him and are thankful for Him in your life.  Think about that during worship and speak it out to God. Have fun and enjoy Jesus together!

3. Lets Talk

Say the Point and Verse out loud together.

Lots of things are fun, but God is number one!

Memory Verse: 1 Peter 4:10 NIRV 

Each of you has received a gift in order to serve others…

  1. What kid of gifts do you think the Bible verse is talking about?


  1. Who gave you gifts and talents? God
  2. In the Bible story, what made the master angry? One servant hid his talent and didn’t use it.
  3. What do you think about hiding talents or using them to get attention for yourself? 
  4. What do you think would happen if everyone were good at everything? 
  5. When you’re good at something, what can you do to make others think about how good God is instead of how good you are? 


  1. How can you serve others with your gifts and talents this week? 
  2. Your gifts and talents are meant to serve others. Who can you serve this week with your gifts and talents?

4. Pray

Ask the children to share things they’d like to pray about. Write your prayer request so you can continue to pray for your family during the week. Pray together, give them a chance to lead the prayer if they want to. Not sure what to pray?

Pray this: God, thank you for the gifts and talents you gave to us. Please show us how to use them to serve others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.  


5. Activity

Give each child a Skill Seeking Bingo Card, and get them to read through and write down the names of their friends, siblings and family members that have different talents, make sure that they include themselves on the sheet as well.

You were able to fill in so many squares because you were thinking about lots of people. If you were to only think about yourself you would not be able to fill in as many. God gives everyone different talents so that we must work together. When we work together with others, we can do more to glorify God!


  1. If you’re not sure what you’re good at, how can you find out? Ask friends, family, God, read the Bible, etc.
  2. Which talent in Skill Seeking Bingo is your favourite?




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