Designate a time and place to sit together and watch the curriculum
Gather with some snacks and a drink and enjoy God together!

1. Praise Party

Worship to the music with your mouth and body.  Think about something you are thankful for this week or tell Jesus how much you love Him and are thankful for Him in your life.  Think about that during worship and speak it out to God. Have fun and enjoy Jesus together!

3. Lets Talk

Say the Point and Verse out loud together.

I can make a difference.

Romans 12:21 NLT Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.
1. When you see something bad going on, what does the
Bible verse say you should do?
Fight the evil by doing
something good.


How did the Konnect space station crew conquer evil on
They did good things that made a difference.
2. What can you do if you don’t know how to make a
difference in a bad situation?
Pray, ask a friend or trusted
adult what you can do, etc.
3. If something bad happens and you let it ruin your day,
are you conquering evil with good, or is evil conquering
Evil is conquering you!
4. How do you think you can tell if you’re making a
Answers will vary.
5. Why do you think you shouldn’t give up on doing good
when bad things keep happening?
Answers will vary.

1. What evil situations do you think you can make a
difference in this week? Answers will vary.
2. If you see a bad situation, and it’s not safe for you to get
into the middle of it, who can you talk to? God, parents,
leaders, teachers, police, trusted adults, etc.

4. Pray

Ask the children to share things they’d like to pray about. Write your prayer request so you can continue to pray for your family during the week. Pray together, give them a chance to lead the prayer if they want to. Not sure what to pray?

Pray this: Jesus, please help us to make a difference this week. Show us what good things we can do to conquer evil. In Jesus’ name, amen!

5. Play

– 1.Make it Stick: You’ll Need) To Do – Markers, Sticky tack, 3”x5” sticky notes, 6’ Butcher paper strips Do: Look at the butcher paper strip on the wall. If the strip of butcher paper is full of sticky notes, let someone know so they can add another strip to the wall. Show kids the sticky notes. Say: Nehemiah did something good to make a difference: he built a wall to protect his people. We’re going to build a wall, too. These sticky notes are your bricks. Give each person 5 sticky notes. Say: Think of some evil situations that bother you. Write or draw good things you can do to make a difference. Draw or write good things on each brick. Place bricks on the butcher paper to build a “wall.

2. Family Challenge ‘Check List Challenge’ see sheet attached.

3. LEGO Challenge-Build a city and place a protective wall around it.


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