This month we’re having a backyard movie party where we’ll be singing songs, playing games, and watching clips from five of our favorite flicks! Each week we’ll learn a new lesson about being good friends from these movies and different Bible stories. 

Our featured verse this month is: “A friend loves at all times. They are there to help when trouble comes.” Proverbs 17:17 (NIrV)

You’ll find videos, songs, leader guides, and prep materials below.  You will all need access to the movie Annie this week. So grab a bean bag and some pop corn and enjoy together!

1. Praise Party

Help your child engage. Worship to the music with your mouth and body. Ask your children to think about something they are thankful for this week and encourage them to think about that during worship and speak it out to God. Have fun and enjoy Jesus together!

3. Lets Talk

Say the Point and Verse out loud together:

I will be a friend who is Loyal

A friend loves at all times. They are there to help when trouble comes.” Proverbs 17:17


1. Was it EASY or HARD for Esther to be loyal to her people? (Hard) Right! She could’ve been killed!
2. True or False: When things were hard for Esther’s people, she pretended not to know them.
(False – she was loyal to them)

 Action-step question:
1. Should you only be loyal to others when it’s easy and convenient for you?
2. Does being loyal mean that you will stick with someone no matter what OR that you will only stick with people if they give you candy?
(You will stick with someone no matter what)


4. Pray

Ask the children to share things they’d like to pray about. Write your prayer request so you can continue to pray for your family during the week. Pray together, give them a chance to lead the prayer if they want to. Not sure what to pray?

Pray this: Jesus, we know that you always love us and will stick with us no matter what. Help us to be good friends who are loyal like you. We love you so much! Amen.


5. Play

 1. Make Your Own Movie Scene: Draw a Movie scene from the Bible story or from your own life when you have been loyal.

2. Memory Verse- Place the Memory Verse Cards in the middle of the circle, words-side up. Staying in a circle, have kids kneel and place their hands on the ground in front of their knees so that everyone’s hands are facing the middle. Start by having one child pat his/her hand on the ground while saying the first word of the verse. Continue around the circle, having kids pat their hands on the ground while saying each word of the verse. Keep going until the group says the whole verse. Then try going even faster!

3. Simon Says – TELL kids we’re going to play “Simon Says” to see if they can “stick with you” like a loyal friend – even if you give them some crazy instructions! Call out an instruction. If I say “Simon Says” before the instruction, then you should do it. If I do NOT say “Simon Says”, then you should NOT do it. If you do the wrong thing or you do something when I don’t say “Simon Says”, you will have to sit down.The last person standing is the winner! SAY “Just like you did your best to stick with me while I gave you those instructions, you can stick with others by being a loyal friend they can depend on!”


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