Designate a time and place to sit together and watch the curriculum
Gather with some snacks and a drink and enjoy God together!

1. Praise Party

Worship to the music with your mouth and body.  Think about something you are thankful for this week or tell Jesus how much you love Him and are thankful for Him in your life.  Think about that during worship and speak it out to God. Have fun and enjoy Jesus together!

3. Lets Talk

Say the Point and Verse out loud together.

God’s love can turn a frown upside down.

Proverbs 15:1 NLTA gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare

1.What does deflect angermean?Turn anger away, make anger go away


1.When someone’s angry, it might make you angry, too. Why should you still be gentle with them?Being gentle shows God’s love instead of selfishness, and can help others calm down.

2.Why do you think gentle words help deflect anger?Gentle words show that you care about the person who is angry more than you care about getting even.

3.In the Bible story, David wanted to get even when Nabal was rude to him.How did Abigail help David calm down, instead?She gave David gifts and used wise, gentle words.

4.Think about the activity.Do you usually use words from the harsh list, or the gentle list?Why? Answers will vary.



1.Think of someone you argue or fight with a lot. Which gentle words will you speak to them this week?Answers will vary.

2.What can you do to help you choose gentle words each time someone gets angry with you this week? Pray in my head, remember Jesus forgives me so I can be kind to others, gently ask for a break to calm down, take a deep breath, talk to a grownup, etc.



4. Pray

Ask the children to share things they’d like to pray about. Write your prayer request so you can continue to pray for your family during the week. Pray together, give them a chance to lead the prayer if they want to. Not sure what to pray?

Pray this: God, Thank You for loving us, even when we get angry. Please help us to show love by using gentle words when we met others who are angry.In Jesus’ name, amen!.


5. Play

   1. To Do Say:Harsh words make us angrier,but gentle words help us.1.Read a phrase from Harsh List or Gentle List.2.Kids make an angry face if it’s harsh, or a relaxed face if it’s gentle.3.Continue with steps 12as time allows.4.If time allows,kids make up their own phrases.Ask: How are harsh words different from gentle words?Ask: How did Mike help Alissa calm down? V Harsh List Gentle ListNo one likes you when you act that way.God always loves you.Why do you have to get mad all the time?Do you want to play or have a snack?I’m sick of your bad attitude.I care about you.Just get over it!I’m sorry if I hurt you.You’re annoying when you’re mad!Do you to be alone, or do you want to talk?Don’t talk to me when you’re angry.Is there something you’d like to talk about?I hate it when you get mad.I’m sorry you’re so angry. Why do you have to get all bent out of shape?Why are you feeling angry right now?I wish you’d just go away!What can I do to help you?Now you know how I feel when you’re mean to me!It’s ok to feel angry. Do you want to talk about it

2. CHALLENGE Sheet– Complete the challenge sheet and learn the Big Point and Memory Verse to earn points towards the prize shop.


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