Designate a time and place to sit together and watch the curriculum
Gather with some snacks and a small cup of water

1. Praise Party

Help your child engage. Worship to the music with your mouth and body. Have fun and enjoy Jesus together!

3. Say together

The Bible (make book with hands)
Is The Very Best (two thumbs up)
Book! (make book with hands)

Psalm 119:18 “Open my eyes (hands open wide beside eyes) so that I can see (make binoculars with hands) all the wonderful things (two thumbs up) in your teachings.” (make book with hands)


4. Pray

Dear Jesus, thank you for the Bible! We love you! Amen!

5. Play

While your having fun playing, talk to your kids about today: 

What is your favorite jungle animal. Can you make its sound and do some actions?

1. Did John live in the hot desert or in the cold snow? (Hot Desert)
2. What special job did God give to John?
(Tell people about Jesus)
3. Did John tell the people to KEEP doing what was wrong or STOP doing what was wrong?
(Stop doing what was wrong)
4. Who was the VERY special person John baptized in the river?
5. Did God open the skies and talk when John baptized Jesus?
6. What did God say?
(This is My Son. I love Him)
7. Did you know that God talks to you and me?
He does! The BIGGEST way God talks to us is when we read His words in the Bible!
God tells us so many wonderful things when read the fun stories in the Bible, just like this story about John. The Bible is fun to read and we can learn so many wonderful things from it. That makes it the very BEST book!
Let’s say this together:
The Bible (make book with hands)
Is The Very Best (two thumbs up)
Book! (make book with hands)



  1. Colouring sheet – ‘The Bible is the very best book!’
  2. Safari Hat–  Supplies: Permanent Markers, Safari Hat  Animal stickers. Instructions:1. Write child’s name on the inside of the Safari Hat. 2. Decorate Safari Hat using Safari stickers.
    Conversation Questions:
    1.What animal do you hope to see on our safari?
    2. What is one of your favorite books to read?
    3. Did you know the Bible is the VERY BEST book? It is! On our safari today, we will learn that the Bible is the VERY BEST book!
  3. Hippo Feed Game: Here’s how to feed the hungry hippopotamus with stories from the Bible:
    Lay Safari Memory Cards face down. Place Hippo Feed Bag & Bird Seed Bag to the side. Take turns turning over 2 cards, trying to match story images. If child does not make a match, turn the cards back over and take a turn. If child does make a match, name/discuss the story the image is from. Work together to decide if the match can feed the Hippopotamus—Bible stories—or if it can be Bird Seed—stories not from the Bible. Allow child to place match in the correct bag.

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