Designate a time and place to sit together and watch the curriculum
Gather with some snacks and a drink.

1. Watch

It’s Pentecost Sunday, a day where we celebrate the gift of God’s Holy Spirit. We have combined worship and the message this week. Help your child to engage with the worship using your mouth and body. Join in with the any interactions and memory verse actions. Have fun and enjoy Jesus together!

2. Say together

God’s Holy Spirit (wave hands and make whooshing sound)gives me power! (show your muscles)

 Romans 15:19 .. He has given me the power of the Holy Spirit, Whoosh!

4. Pray

Dear God, thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit that gives me power. Amen

5. Play

While your having fun playing,  talk to your kids about today:

  • God’s Holy Spirit howled like the wind. What does the wind sound like to you?
  • Picture cards reminders: Show picture 1. gift-God’s Holy Spirit is a gift. You get the gift of God’s Holy Spirit when you choose to follow….. Jesus. 2. House- What is this?… House. God’s Holy Spirit can live in me! 3.Mirror-What is this? I can look like Jesus.
  • Why does God’s Holy Spirit live inside me? God’s Holy Spirit gives me power.


1. Colouring sheet : God’s Holy Spirit filled the people who followed Jesus.

2. Super Power vs Spirit Power: God’s Holy Spirit gives us the power to live like Jesus. Directions: Dress up in a super hero cape and act out the powers from the list as a family. Talk about which ones we get from God’s Holy Spirit and which ones are make-believe.

Powers List

  • Supers Powers: Laser Eyes, Super Strength, Invisibility, Flying
  • Spirit Powers: Comfort, Bravery, Patience, Good Attitude

3. Craft Pentecost Wind Twirls- What you will need: Card, Stickers, Yarn, Markers, Scissors, Hole Punch What to do: Print out the pattern on to card and cut the shape. Decorate the wind twirlers with stickers and markers. Punch a hole in the middle of the twirler and lace a piece of yarn through the hole. Tie a big knot at the end of the yarn. Tie a loop at the other end of the yarn to hang the twirler. It will remind them that the Holy Spirit is there even though they can’t see him.




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