Miracle Offering FAQs 

1. Does everyone have to give?
The miracle offering is 100% voluntary.

2. How can we give?
• On Sunday 26th September, there will be envelopes on all seats. Cash and cheques can go in the envelope. There is also credit card details you can fill in on the back.
• You can text ‘OASIS’ to 19919000 and choose reference ‘Heart for the House’.
• You can do a direct deposit to BSB 016267 ACC 395829584 and reference ‘Miracle Offering’
• You can also pay via PayPass at the connect desk on Sunday 26th September.
• If you are giving by credit card, you can pledge monthly.

3. Where will the money go?
Every year, we focus on a different outcome! This year, we are preparing our building to be a safe space as we are getting ready to launch Alta 1, Blueprint and Haven! We want to finish our foyer, cafe, offices, classrooms and auditorium ready to invite the community in!

4. What if I can’t be at church this Sunday?
You can contribute to the Miracle Offering for the whole month of October.

On Sunday 26th September, we will have a special service and families will come together and place their envelope in our special receptacle. Children can participate too! We will then pray for and anoint every person to pray for miracle breakthrough.

5. How much should I give?
Step 1 // Spend time talking and praying it over and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead
Step 2 // Do what the Holy Spirit asks!
Step 3 // If you don’t hear or feel anything, this is a general guide that may help!
Of the 100% of your income, 10% tithe; 10% savings; 10% generosity (Miracle Offering included in this); and 70% living.

6. Why should I give?
So many good reasons to give! Matthew 6:19-21, where Jesus instructs us to not put our money into temporal things, but to sow our money into treasures in heaven where month and rust can’t destroy!

Eternal sowing will last long after we are gone from the earth, and we love the idea that we are leaving something for our children, and the generations to come to build on. ‘A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never get to sit in’.