Memory Verse Challenge


Have you ever built a fort out of sofa cushions and blankets? Or made a secret den from branches and bushes?  Was it strong? How long did it last? Remember how cosy and safe you felt  inside?

Our God is like a powerful fort that cannot be shaken, even when the world around us is shaking, God stands strong and keeps us safe, we don’t need to fear!



Memory Verse

Psalm 91:1-2 says, “Whoever rests in the shadow of the Most High god will be kept safe by the Mighty One. I will say about the Lord, ‘He is my place of safety. He is Like a fort to me. He is my God. I trust in Him’.”

Over the next 4 weeks from March 27th- April 23rd, memorise Psalm 91:1-2. ROB fears power over you and speak out loud Gods truth that there is no need to fear, God stands strong and is keeping you safe. We even have an awesome song you can sing and make your own moves up thanks to Pastor Ellie from Victory Faith!

Tag us

We’d love you to share a video of you and your family singing this song or saying the verse. Why not add some cool actions and post a picture of the best fort you can make at home. Have a parent tag our new @nextgenerationoasiskids on Instagram or Face book.