My whole adult life has been managing tensions between responsibilities. When I was a younger adult, it was uni, assignments, work (3 jobs!), family, friendships, church (this list goes on). These days, it’s the tensions between giving my marriage the best of me, raising four healthy, whole children, keeping home, relief teaching, and, oh, did I mention the newly appointed position of senior pastor? I feel overwhelmed for that person… Oh wait, it’s me 🙂 I’m sure you have a similar story.

The more life that piles itself onto my plate, the more tensions there are to manage and the more I cry out for the power to do everything that needs to be done with limited time and energy. I’ve made some practical decisions to help; boundaries for family time, trying to resist social media more often, date nights, good food, vitamins (Berocca.. B, B, bounce!) and exercise. But, I still come up short

Speaking of exercise, this morning as I ran along the river, the Holy Spirit starts speaking. And I am listening. I’m desperate to hear His voice cut through the chaos of my life. I start having an internal banter which I can her the Holy Spirit speaking through. Often times we think of a supernatural lifestyle as one where gold coins show up in fishes mouth’s. heavenly encounters with angels, the goose bumps in worship and glory dust appearing all over us. They are supernatural encounters, but they don’t happen very often!

As I ran, I was looking out for my family who were on the same walk, I eventually figured out they went a different way to me, and I ended up running, and running, and running trying to find them. I went on a way longer run than I intended to! As I was running all that way, I found that my legs weren’t really getting sore, and I wasn’t out of breath too badly. That’s when the Holy Spirit interjected with a powerful, ‘See, you can access the supernatural everyday’. Wooooaaahhh. I had a moment. He gives us; strength to run our race beyond what we thought possible, He gives us power to manage the daily grind, He puts the supernatural ability to unconditionally love in our hearts, He is able to give strength when we are weak, and power to overcome situations everyday that leave us out of our depth and confused. He brings people with the right counsel just at the right moment, or books come across our path right when we need them. A friend pops over with a meal, or sends a text just when we need an encouraging word. Sometimes it’s that He carves out time in an impossible calendar to get us to the trees, or to the ocean just so we can breathe in the fresh air. It’s all supernatural! It’s God reaching out of heavenly dimensions, invading our natural spaces with power and ability to live, and live abundantly. Live courageously, live successfully.

We are able to live and partake in supernatural realms everyday. We have access to heavenly power and supernatural experiences everyday. We just need to be on the path, running, and listening, so He can make a way for us to conquer everyday.