End of year reflection

End of Year Reflection

Take an hour and reflect and write over these questions…

1. What was your word for the year? How have you seen God work through this word this year?

2. What have been the overarching themes of your year? How have you felt God speak to you through these themes?

3. What you have learnt this year and where have you changed? What do you think God was pointing to in the midst of your learning and changing?

4. What do you want to learn and what do you want to change next year? Craft these thoughts into a prayer. Let the Holy Spirit inspire your prayer.

5. What is your favourite testimony from the year? What aspect of God was He revealing to you about Himself through this testimony?

6. What is the disappointment, sadness and pain that you carried through the year? How have these shaped you and what do they uncover about you?

7. What needs to be left in the year and not carried over into the new year? What things do you need to put a stake in the ground in and not let them back in the new year? What things need to be continued and carried over into the new year?

8. What will be your word for the new year?