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12/05/2020 Update 4

 With the latest news for WA last weekend on the roadmap for WA into our future, we have a small update for you.

25/03/2020 Update 3

With Regulations changing almost daily, we are adapting Oasis Church to come in line with government rules again. Tune in to see the latest changes and find out how you can connect!

17/03/2020 Update

1. We will only have a 9am service this Sunday and Life Track for all new families will be at 11am (with individually wrapped lunches!)
2. Live streaming starts this Sunday for all who are ill, elderly or self-isolating. A YouTube live link will be SMSed and emailed to you with instructions. 
3. Small groups will power our community forward! It’s really important to us that you are a member of a group right now so we can communicate. It would be so helpful if everyone could fill out this form
4. Serve week is still happening and it’s more important than ever! Please see here for serve week projects that are still going ahead. We also have 2 new community projects happening to be a shining light to community. ‘Cooby Cares’ and ‘Serve Your Neighbour’ which you can read about here

Amidst the concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, we want to let you know how Oasis is responding. We are closely monitoring the advice from our Federal and State governments and health authorities and are seeking to be proactive in preventative strategies and future planning. As the situation changes, this page will be updated with the most up to date information regarding ministry at Oasis.

We are committed to doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for our church community, and to continuing our mission to find life, grow and make a difference in all seasons and circumstances. As Christians this is an opportunity to look for creative ways to serve those in need and offer hope for those feeling fearful. In the midst of darkness and disease, we exist to shine the light and love of Christ.

Remember that as we are the Church, we are called to do these three things in dark seasons:
1. Be a light bearer. The church is brightest when the world is dark. Help people to find peace Jesus during times of unknown outcomes.
2. Be a leader of love. Exercise hope and faith instead of fear, compassion instead of panic and sharing and selflessness instead of hoarding.
3. Be a pray-er. Join us in our midday pray rally. Set your alarms for 12pm and pray Psalm 91 for 2 minutes! 


Yes. There are currently no restrictions on meeting in public gatherings in Australia, and there are no recommendations that would prevent our regular church activities continuing. If you are in good health, join us at one of our services this Sunday.


We are following all health and hygiene recommendations and have implemented a range of strategies specific to ministry at Oasis, including:

  • Replacing greeting handshakes with other welcome gestures that don’t involve touching hands or faces.
  • Provision of pre-packaged and sealed wafers and juice for Communion using a hygienic administration process.
  • Sanitising common areas, equipment, and other facilities.
  • Continuing to prepare and serve food with excellent food handling practices.
  • Extra care and diligence towards health and hygiene in our Oasis kids programs.
  • We are praying with you for our government leaders, medical and health professionals, and for those affected.
  • We are giving children hand sanitizer or baby wipes when they enter and leave the kid’s program.


  • Wash your hands regularly and/or use hand sanitiser before and after Oasis services and events.
  • Avoid shaking people’s hands at church – consider alternative greeting gestures that don’t involve touching hands or faces – a friendly wave will work!
  • Cover your nose and mouth if you cough or sneeze with a tissue or upper sleeve or elbow, and then thoroughly wash your hands.
  • If you are sick or have cold or flu like symptoms, please do not attend an Oasis service or event (including Sunday services, small groups, and other gatherings).
  • If your children are sick or have cold or flu like symptoms, please do not bring them to an Oasis service or event. Read the Oasis Kids Wellness Policy
  • If you have recently travelled overseas, please check the current Australian Government restrictions, and follow the isolation guidelines if you have visited one of the high-risk countries (China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand). Please do not attend an Oasis service or event during the isolation period.
  • Have confidence in the supremacy of Jesus in all times; continue to love one another, and to serve our church community and our cities with the love of Christ.
  • Be praying for our government leaders, medical staff, and for those affected.


  • If you contract Coronavirus, do let us know so we can support you in any way we can, and to help inform anyone you may have had contact with from church. Please contact
  • Catch up on your recent local sermon through the Oasis podcast
  • Fill out an online prayer card here (link) and our prayer team will be praying for you.
  • For anyone feeling anxious about the situation, or who is house bound and needs pastoral care, please contact

For current information on the coronavirus from the Australian Department of Health: