This month's challenge is all about?

Each week, we have  Challenges, not just for the kids but for parents as well! This months challenge is ‘Pray‘. Prayer is talking with God about what you’re working on together. Just like in any good relationship, the conversation should go both ways. Explore how we P.R.A.Y.! That’s the real challenge ! And of course, earn points towards shopping at the Next Generation Prize shop at the end of the month.
Praise Play
For a child, play can be praise to God. Play is the way they learn and express themselves. Synapses connect when they use their imagination — when they build, when they work a puzzle, color a picture, draw, create a craft, dance, run, swing, jump, clap or spin. The word rejoice in Psalm 118:24 is the Hebrew word giyl, which literally means, “to spin around under the influence of strong emotion.” Wow! That’s a biblical way to point your children to God as they play. A fun way to play is to have a praise parade. Find or make instruments, march around using your voices, drums, horns, strings and more to celebrate God. Then look for ways like this to turn play into praise.

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