Are you dreaming big for 2016?

I trust that you have all had a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones. For us that has been time together with family, opening presents, swimming in the pool with the kids, and of course too much good food!

Christmas and holidays can be a great time to relax and take stock of the year that’s been. I’ve also found it very helpful, (before I relax too much!) to scan the horizon of the year ahead and start to dream about what’s in store.

God speaks to us through our dreams and our visions. They are the things that keep us moving forward. If we don’t have any, we die! Proverbs says “without vision, the people perish.” If we are willing to just take the year as it comes, then life is going to get in the way of God’s plan for us. We’re just going to be reacting to problems as they arise, holding ground at best. We could even fall back into old habits without realising it.

We need to start the year out with a big dream!

God gave Abraham in the Bible a big dream. He said, “I am going to give you so many children, they’ll be like the stars in the sky.” What an awesome promise! But Abraham and his wife Sarah were old, and they had no children. Abraham could have taken stock of his inventory and thought, “that’s never going to happen!” “Maybe God’s promise to me was nothing more than that left-over hummus I ate last night!”

It was going to take real, staunch faith for Abraham to believe God even though everything he saw around him didn’t stack up. But Abraham did believe, and in Hebrews the writer says that it was “credited to him as righteousness.” Abraham and Sarah did have a son in their old age, Isaac. Isaac was the father of Jacob, who God gave the name Israel, and the rest – as they say- is history.

So what’s your dream? What has God put in your heart that seems a bit crazy? Impossible even? I want to encourage you to dream big for next year. Don’t hold back! Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe his thoughts into your hearts and minds. I can guarantee he’ll give you some crazy, impossible ideas! He wants to partner with you to achieve great things, just like he partnered with Abraham all those years ago.

Maybe it’s a dream for a new job, or a career, or a house. Maybe it’s a dream for something creative – to write something that will encourage others, or to write a song, or even to start a business. Maybe it’s simply the dream to break an addiction! God has something big in store for you.

I am dreaming big dreams for Oasis Church this year! I am looking forward to seeing us grow in number, with new families connecting and finding life. I’m dreaming of our church community bringing family and friends to church to see what all the fuss is about! I’m dreaming about more people getting baptised and committing their lives to Jesus. I’m dreaming of our kids’ church growing exponentially, and many primary-aged children discovering the joy of knowing their saviour. I’m dreaming for our youth as we launch out, connecting with teenagers at Atwell College, and bringing young people to faith in the church. I’m dreaming of a thriving small group culture, with people able to connect with one another as a spiritual family. I’m dreaming of a church always growing beyond its borders.

Sound impossible? Then we’re on the right track! Dream big, partner with the Holy Spirit and watch him do a miracle through you!